Worm Farm Incursions and Excursions

Wormfarms Australia endeavours to provide informative Worm Farm Incursions and Excursions directed mainly towards pre-primary and primary levels in child-minding centres and schools

Our goal is to develop  in the participating students a love and appreciation of these wonderful creatures 

Our motto at Wormfarms Australia is ‘Education for a Sustainable Future’ and worms are a critical part of our future well being


We find that some children are perhaps a little bit apprehensive initially during our worm farming incursions and excursions but quickly come around to delight in observing worm behaviour and appreciating the proven results of their activity

Disposable gloves are provided so that both the children taking part and the worms remain happy throughout the human contact and avoid any ‘yucky’ feelings on either side

The worms love the outing and attention the children bestow upon them during the worm farming incursion and/or excursion

Our theme song is the traditional ‘Wiggly Woo’–There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden and his name is Wig-gle-y Woo’

We endeavor to be fully compliant with the school Sustainability cross-curriculum addressing the on-going capacity of Earth to maintain all life

Your worm farming incursion and incursion will cover Worm Farming/ Recycling/ Composting for  school gardens (includes live worms, worm farms, worm products, worm quizz and visual material)

Hands-on teaching methods are used in the worm farming incursion and excursion complimenting science concepts including ecosystems and life cycles comprising

  • Examining:  organic waste and how schools can recycle waste using a dedicated worm farm
  • Exploring: worm farming by focusing on protecting environments through informed action
  • Learning: about worm ecology and role of worms in the ecosystem
  • Demonstrating: and practicing how easy it is to set-up a worm farm
  • Investigating: the upkeep and care of worm farms including feeding
  • Identifying: worm composting benefits for your school
  • Discussing: how your school can develop an organic waste recycling system
  • Challenging: students by reinforcing actions for sustainability both at an individual community and national level

Costing/Budgeting Worm Farm Incursions & Excursions 

Depending upon location Incursions and Excursions will be invoiced at $225.00 + GST for a single 1 hour class or $395.00 +GST for two consecutive approximately 1 hour classes on the same day; designed for a maximum of 30 students per class or session at any one time

Bookings Worm Farm Incursions and Excursions

  • Teachers are invited to register their interest
  • Please contact our Worm Farm Consultants info@wormfarmsaustralia.com.au            M:0417 096 202
  • Please note that we don’t follow the practice in our worm farming incursions & excursions in using take-home bottles believing this to be a non-productive method of teaching; rather we do a group worm farm whereby students can learn from each other and contribute to their overall understanding of worm ecology and the benefits flowing from worm farming


  • Should your School or Centre book an Incursion and purchase a Wheelie Bin Worm Farm Wormfarms Australia will donate a proportion of the cost towards a sustainability initiative being undertaken or planned at your school or centre


Wormfarms Australia   info@wormfarmsaustralia.com.au    

0417 096 202