Known Facts about Dog Waste

Dog waste averages approximately 100 kgs per year

Maybe more from the Great Dane below; no insult intended!

Multiply this figure by the estimated 5-6 million dogs in Australia

75-80% of dog & pet waste goes to landfill via our/your ‘green’ bins

Then add all the other poo from pets we keep


What about the Compost Worms?

Yes they’ll eat dog & puppy waste in fact they’ll thrive on it

Yes they will eat dog hair or any other hair as well

But don’t put kitchen scraps and dog poo in together 

The worms will prefer the kitchen scraps and you can’t blame them!

Dog Waste Worm Farm Recycling Solution~ Ticks all the boxes

Safe, sanitary, sustainable and healthy like ‘environmentally friendly’

Avoids flushing, pitching, burying, ignoring pet poo

What’s more it avoids stepping on it —yuk!

Your best mate’s worm farm is the Bow Wow of all dog poo disposable solutions 

Easy to set-up and maintain

Avoids having to purchase disposable doggie poo bags except when walking the dog

The dog & puppy waste worm farm eliminates all smells, flies, pests and pathogens

You will be delighted with the proven results

Top marks awarded to this solution- just ask our many customers

For ‘every man and his dog’ or to be more politically correct for ‘every family and their dog’

Is this Australia’s best dog & puppy waste worm farm? certainly no question!

Most assuredly it’s a ‘sustainable leap forward’

Dog & Puppy Waste Disposal Summary

It’s not OK to bury dog or puppy poo in the garden

It’s not OK to chuck dog  poo in your normal 240L ‘Green’ bin

It’s not OK to leave dog poo lying about


Q: What about when we worm our dog? For intestinal worms that is

A: We suggest that you wait a couple of days before emptying dog poo into the worm farm just to be totally sure that any substance in the medicinal formula will not harm the compost worms in the worm farm. Having said that both the makers of tablets and indeed vet experts have responded that with modern worming medicines the dog poo is benign when it gets through the dog

Q: Is it safe to put the worm juice and worm castings on your vegie garden?

A: No, only on your ornamental plants

Q: Can you feed the compost worms both vegie scraps and pet poo at the same time?

A: No as the compost worms will eat the vegie scraps in preference to the dog or pet poo

 Please Email info@wormfarmsaustralia.com.au or call 08 9359 2582 with any other questions or commentary that you may have

Dog & Puppy Waste Worm Farms to suit all sized dogs

Perfect for all breeds of dogs (the Australian Shepherds above love them!)

Perfect for dogs and animals at home

Perfect for dogs in  kennels, pet resorts, pet havens, animal shelters and animal refuge centres

We’ve got the right size for every pet, dog or whatever other animals you keep

Dog & Puppy Waste from Wormfarms Australia 

All the sizes listed below come with Compost Worms, Dolomite for pH balance, Volcanic Rock Dust for digestion, Cocopeat for bedding, Thermometer, Pick-Up Spade, Collection tray for Worm Juice, Worm Raising Tips as well as after sales hot line (phone number listed below)
Please keep in mind that the range of Dog Waste  Worm Farms listed below are going to last you 20-30 years plus; hence the cost per year is very low when amortised over this time period
80L Dog Waste Worm Farm with Compost Worms included 0.25kg (1000+) = 2 x small dogs or 1 x medium sized dog; colours Yellow, Red, Blue, Mix n’ Match @ $269.00
120L Dog Waste Worm Farm with Compost Worms included 0.4kg (1500+) = 3 small or 2 x medium or 1 x large dog; colours Purple, Yellow, Nature Green, Dark Green, Black, White, Burgundy, Orange, Red, Blue, Mix n’ Match @ $309.00
140LDog Waste Worm Farm with Compost Worms included 0.5kg (2000+) = 3 x small or 2 x medium or 1 x large dog; colours Nature Green, Dark Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Mix n’ Match @ $379.00
240 L Dog Waste Worm Farm with Compost Worms included 1.0kg (4000+) = 4 x small or 3 x medium or 2 x large or 1 x giant dog; colours Dark Green, Nature Green, Grey, Black, Burgundy, Orange, Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow, Brown, Mix n’ Match @ $399.00
360L Dog Waste Worm Farm with Compost Worms included 1.5kg (6000+) = 7 x small or 5 x medium or 3 x large or 2 x giant dogs; colours Blue, Dark Green, Yellow, Black, Mix n’ Match @ $499.00

Please press here to Order or Enquire about your custom built Dog & Puppy Waste Worm Farm

Our Worm Farms personnel will attend to your request as soon as possible 

email info@wormfarmsaustralia.com.au or call 0417 096 202 and advise your email address without any commitments on your part

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