Worm Farm 660 Litre 

Australians might love a good meal but if you believe FoodWise we throw away a staggering ” –$8 billion worth of edible food every year” (ABC News). The claim stacks up says the article but the $8 billion only refers to household food waste including Fresh Food, Leftovers, Packaged/Long-Life, Drinks, Frozen Food, Home Delivered/Take Away

Bin Audits in NSW and Victoria have found that food waste accounts for approximately 40% of overall bin waste~~ Question is can something be done about such waste?

Hopefully Worm Farms Australia can contribute something to this debate by offering solutions with our large scale Commercial Wheelie Bin Worm Farms

In this respect we are delighted to introduce our  Worm Farm 660 Litre ‘Très Grand’ & variant of our  Worm Farms and we are keen to get expressions of interest from some of the potential End Users enumerated below

Potential End Users:

Given that food waste resembles the scene shown the 660L is ideal for hotels, clubs and pubs, boarding houses, backpacker accommodation, schools, pre-schools, child minding centres, colleges, universities, hotels, B&B’s, motels, restaurants, resorts, recreational centres, tourist parks, catering organisations, mining camps, eating halls, cafeterias and also for animals including pet boarding kennels, horse studs, sheep and cattle properties, pig farms, other farms and even the Zoo

Handling Capacity Worm Farm 660 Litre

 660 Litre Worm Farm has the following capabilities:

  • Capacity: 2.5-4 kgs/litres food scraps per day equivalent to 20-30kgs per week
  • Worm Castings (3-4 months) 6.5-8.00 kgs per week
  • Worm Juice/Leachate: 10-12 litres per week

Some Considerations/ Must Do’s

Initial Waste Audit: What is the real average weekly organic waste by volume and waste type for one classroom or a block of classrooms in the case of a school or for example a cafeteria which is capable of using the 660 L ?

Daily checks (when in operation): moisture, food, vinegar flies, contents generally, worm comfort

Central collection point: Establish a separate bin for all organic waste collection with monitors who sort and ensure that meat, fish, dairy, citrus, onions are not in the mix

Shredding: of organic waste using a mechanical device (whole food scraps/discards/waste like pumpkins require shredding)

Monitoring: Staff from all areas would need to become champions and motivate students/others by example; must be a whole school or business project; again who is going to be the ‘champion’?

Parents/Staff role: Kept informed and involved if possible

Gardener’s Role or Kitchen Staff: Oversight role but must be prepared to take on extra responsibilities

Overall philosophy: Worm Farms such as these cannot be treated as garbage bins and worm deaths may result from too much food, too little food and not the right sort of food ~ for example you cannot feed them just discard coffee grounds as the worms must have a mixed diet

Worm Farm Store involvement includes

  • Monitoring via regular inspections of the system(s)
  • Presentations to staff, employees, students (and parents) as necessary
  • Hot line for any problem situations

Outlay ~ Investment ~ Please enquire for pricing

660 Litre Kit including 2.5k – 3.0kg Compost Worms

Delivery by negotiation

Please call us on 0417 096 202 or email info@wormfarmsaustralia.com.au for a quick response