The Worm Farm 80 Litre is the smallest in our range of wheelie bin worm farms and what a beauty it’s turning out to be

A really popular choice particularly for folks who can’t see themselves filling a large wheelie bin worm farm and coupled with a grab handle provides perfect movement around the house or backyard

This one is also turning out to be a very useful present for Mums and Dads

Given that we also produce Worm Farms for pet waste this little number has grabbed pet owners’ attention and we hope more will take notice and stump up with the money!

Please note this Worm Farm Kit is for very small dogs only and the kit

including Compost Worms has everything to make it operational

The Worm Farm 80 Litre has all the hallmarks of our other worm farm wheelie bin offerings

  • easy movement ~  for navigating around the home or school
  • easy parking ~  can be placed practically anywhere even inside if you want (they don’t smell!)
  • easy lifting & no bending ~ no heavy or awkward trays needed
  • no mess ~ fully sealed with flies, nasties and vermin kept out
  • colour choice ~ still being sorted out but Red, Black and Green are prominent together with our normal customised mix and match~ we try to please!
  • trouble free ~no legs to fall off or blockages to overcome
  • easy Worm Juice collection ~ equipped with our EasyPour Tap
  • easy Castings collection~removable marine Hatch for castings
  • air circulation ~  plenty of  air vents ensures lots of air inside
  • no repairs ~ tough as nails ~ nothing falls off or comes apart
  • instructions ~ comprehensive, easily read & understood
  • again best-in-grade (‘A’ of course) ~ colourful, innovative and easy to use

To repeat, the simple process of recycling organic waste using the work ethic and efficiency of compost worms is easy, clean, virtually odourless and a fun way for children and adults to recycle food waste

It’s Compost Time courtesy http://sacrementoscoop.com

The Worm Farm 80 Litre transforms waste into top quality garden compost, quickly, easily, cost effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner

What’s included?

  1. Detailed Instructions
  2. WormTemp Thermometer to monitor  ‘worm’ weather conditions
  3. Bag of Dolomite to assist with pH balance
  4. Bag of Rock Dust to assist digestion
  5. Trowel to remove worm castings
  6. Collection Tray for worm juice

Pricing: How Much?

The 80L retails for $269.00 which includes compost worms to the value of $65.00

Worm Farm 80 Litre Delivery

(Hey this is easy as it fits on the back seat of any car!)

Perth Destinations

You collect at Weatherworks 48 Johnson Place Wattle Grove~ Please ring first 0417 096 202 to ensure we and the worms are available

WA Country/Interstate ~ POA/Quotation

What about the Compost Worms?

Composting worms are supplied by Worm Farms Australia in conjunction with the Worm Farm 80L  Kit

Please note that the worms are  included in the price of the Worm Farm

Please call us on 0417 096 202 or email info@wormfarmsaustralia.com.au for a quick response