The Worm Farm 360 Litre is no ordinary worm farm and is manufactured in Australia and superbly retro-fitted by Worm Farms Australia to provide the ideal worm composting system for organisations and large households looking for a worm farm big enough to handle organic waste in quantity and be a significant contributor to waste recycling in the home or larger setting

Our worm farm 360 litre size is a favourite with schools and the students relish the presentation and commissioning as they are able to fully participate in the proceedings and get to appreciate the valuable role that worms perform in our eco-system

What do you get with your Worm Farm 360Litre? 

Comes with Dolomite, Rock Dust, Cocopeat, Thermometer, Worm Castings’ Trowel, Collection Tray, Operating Instructions, Worm Raising Tips, After Sales Help/Hot Line in fact everything to give the budding or experienced worm farmer heaps of enjoyment and benefits for gardens 

Worm farm Colours 

Colours at this stage from the chart below are limited to Dark Green, Light Green and Blue a somewhat bland choice but we are hopeful that the colour range will be extended as  360L sized wheelie bins gain popularity in the market

Likely Users Worm Farm 360 Litre

WORM FARMS BUNBURY CATHOLIC COLLEGE 2015The worm farm kit is ideal for the larger family, school, institution, organic grower and any business including hotels and eating establishments looking for a solution to the disposal of  large volumes of organic food waste generated in their respective situation

The 360 Litre Pet Waste Worm Farm is great for also for Boarding Kennels and dog Refuge Centres

Features & benefits of the Worm Farm 360 Litre

This is not just your static old worm farm frig lying on its back  at some remote spot on your block but a real breakthrough for worm farming enthusiasts who want to see their worms in action up close, be able to talk with them if they want (the worms don’t answer back at this stage) with the ability to easily move the worm farm around in relation to the prevailing temperature or simply to give the compost worms a new view to enjoy or outlook on life; mind you they don’t see much not having eyes and being ultra sensitive to any light entering the worm farm

As with all our  Worm Farms  there are no layers nor heavy internal trays to lift given that  the compost worms eat upwards in one internal chamber

Pricing: How Much?

The 360L retails for $499.00 which includes compost worms to the value of $175.00

The 360 Litre Wheelie Bin Worm Farm Kit includes at least 2kg of Compost Worms which equates to between 6000-8000 compost worms (we supply these also) to make it work

Summing up the Worm Farm 360 Litre

  • easy movement ~ comes with oversize  wheels for navigating around the home, school, kitchen, cafeteria, mess hall or wherever it may be located; mind you it’s quite heavy once you get it going so you’re probably not going to move it too much
  • easy parking ~  the 360L can be placed practically anywhere even inside if you want (it doesn’t smell!) but remember this is a large bin and possibly needs its own specified location
  • easy lifting & no bending ~ no heavy or awkward trays are needed because it doesn’t have such back-breaking encumberances
  • no mess ~ fully sealed with not one but three loop and button tie-downs to keep out flies, cockroaches or any other nuisances including Slaters allowing the compost worms to happily carry on with what they do best
  • colour choice ~ we will endeavour to match your colour choice in time but remember in the introductory phase  we a limited to Dark Green and Yellow
  • trouble free ~no legs to fall off or blockages to overcome
  • easy Worm Juice collection ~ comes equipped with our EasyPour Tap also made in Australia
  • easy castings collection~convenient hinged door for worm castings removal with a supplementary hatch at the rear of the worm farm for possibly those hard to get at pockets of worm castings
  • air circulation ~  15 air vents ensures lots of ventilation inside so important for the worms’ health and wellbeing
  • no repairs ~ tough as nails ~ nothing falls off or comes apart
  • warranty ~ the  Worm Farm 360 Litre comes with a 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship
  • instructions ~ comprehensive, easily read & understood
  • best-in-class ~ overall innovative easy to use and about to be voted by you as the worm farm wheelie bin benchmark and best performer in the worm farm stakes

Worm Farm 360 Litre Delivery

Perth Destinations

You  can collect at the Foothills Sustainability Centre 48 Johnson Place Wattle Grove~ Please ring first 0417 096 202 to ensure we and the worms are available

WA Country/Interstate ~ POA/Quotation

Composting worms can be  supplied by the Worm Farms Australia in conjunction with the Worm Bin 360 but please give us a bit of notice as it takes time and patience to collect 5000-6000 worms particularly if you are doing it one by one!!!

Please call us on 0417 096 202 or email info@wormfarmsaustralia.com.au for a quick response