Wormfarms Australia provides the worm farm 240 litre wheelie bin solution for families, schools as well as commercial  offices, cafeterias and canteens

Our aim is to assist in turning  food waste into top quality garden compost, quickly, easily, cost effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner

The  Worm Farm 240 Litre is an ideal size for a 4-6 person family or group of people

The worm farm uses a percentage of recycled plastic and comes with a 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship

The operation of the worm farm requires very little effort – perhaps 10 minutes a week and  will even look after itself while you go on holiday providing you leave enough food 

Compost worms thrive in the Worm Farm 240L  ‘never-fill’ environment and this certainly helps ease some of the pressure  on landfills or waste dumps

The real benefit however is the wonderful worm castings and worm juice that you harvest for your worm farm which provide an ideal boost for your plants or shrubs 

“It’s a waste to waste waste”

Collecting and processing food waste may not be the most glamorous of tasks but if helps in the quest for zero organic waste in our landfills

What’s more you’ll get to really appreciate the work rate of the worms as they go about their business

What are our valued customers saying? From the Pilbara, Western Australia

“I thought I would drop you a line and tell you that the worms have settled in and everyone (read construction personnel) here has taken to the concept of reducing landfill and generating compost and all of the wonderful benefits from having worms”

What do the worms need to keep them happy?

There are only a few key ingredients to keeping your worms happy –– ventilation/air, moisture/water, food scraps and a comfortable environment to live in

As with any successful composting process and most things in life for that matter, maintaining a happy balance between the ingredients is essential

Worm Farm 240L Features

  • easy movement ~ it’s got wheels!
  • easy parking ~  can be placed practically anywhere
  • easy lifting & no bending ~ no heavy or awkward trays needed
  • no mess ~ fully sealed and flies, nasties or vermin are kept out
  • colour choice ~ please see below
  • trouble free ~ ‘never-fill’ worm farm
  • easy Worm Juice collection ~ equipped with an EasyPour Tap
  • easy Castings collection~removable Hatch for castings
  • air circulation ~  numerous vents
  • no repairs ~ tough as nails ~ nothing falls off or comes apart
  • instructions ~ comprehensive, easily read & understood
  • back-up support ~ for worms and importantly customers
  • best-in-class ~ colourful, innovative and easy to use

Worm Farm 240 Litre Colours

Standard colours: Dark Green, Nature Green, Grey, Black, Burgundy, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown , Purple

Worm Farm 240 Litre Pricing 

The Worm Farm 240L is priced at $399.00 and comes with compost worms to the value of $125
  1. The Worm Farm 240 Litre comes fully loaded and  includes:
  2. Comprehensive instructions
  3. Brick base to raise the height to enable collection of worm juice
  4. ‘Worm Temp’ Thermometer to monitor  ‘worm’ weather conditions
  5. Bag of Dolomite to assist with pH balance
  6. Trowel to remove worm castings and
  7. Collection tray for worm juice

Where can you view and collect your Worm Farm 240 Litre?

WORM HQ at 48 Johnson Place Wattle Grove WA 6107
Please ring first 0417 096 202 to ensure that we are available to provide the excellent customer service you deserve

Otherwise email info@wormfarmsaustralia.com.au for a quick response no matter where you are in Australia