Your hand-made in Australia 140 Litre Wheelie Bin (Mobile) Worm Farm Kit from Wormfarms Australia is known as le châteaubeing the ultimate worm abode and a top choice for households and truly belongs anywhere given its manageable size and portability as well as the great range of colours available; would you like Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue or maybe a Mix and Match ? no more just ‘Black’ and that’s all you’re getting; mind you the worms don’t care that much about colour as their true beauty comes from within

Optimum attention is given by Wormfarms Australia to detailing and workmanship in the 140 Litre worm farm and with its marine door and robust fittings is guaranteed to provide many years of satisfaction for you and the worms provided you attend to them properly

The 4 x quad wheel movement ensures you can easily navigate the 140 Litre worm farm around the home or school; touch control and stylish character fully deserves the triple ‘S’ award of;


Worm farming has never been easier and the 140 Litre worm farm has technically everything you need with the healthy and proven compost worms provided guaranteeing value for money

Wormfarms Australia is constantly being told that the quad wheeled 140 litre worm farm is possibly the top choice and has the flexibility to be utilised practically anywhere without taking up a huge amount of room; our customers simply love it and we love to hear their enthusiastic comments and successful stories 

Worm Farm 140 Litre Solutions & Benefits

  • easy movement ~ four wheels for navigating around the home, school or business
  • easy parking ~  can be placed practically anywhere even inside if you want
  • the well trained compost worms provided guarantees that it doesn’t smell 
  • easy lifting & no bending ~ no heavy or awkward trays needed here
  • no mess ~ fully sealed with flies, nasties and vermin kept out
  • colour choice ~ we will endeavour to match your colour choice
  • trouble free ~no legs to fall off or blockages to overcome
  • easy worm Juice collection ~ equipped with our Easy-Pour Tap
  • easy worm castings collection with a hinged marine door
  • air circulation ~  air vents ensure lots of air circulation inside
  • no repairs ~ tough as nails ~ nothing falls off or comes apart
  • instructions ~ comprehensive, easily read & understood
  • best-in-class ~ colourful, innovative and easy to use

Pricing 140 L Worm Farm 

The 140 Litre Worm Farm Kit includes 2000 plus proven mainly Red Wriggler Compost Worms; there could be other worms including Tiger, Indian Blues or possibly African Night Crawlers

Priced at $379.00 plus GST and includes 2000+ pedigreed Compost Worms to the value of $75.00

Sounds a lot at first glance but you are making an investment that is good for a 30 plus year life span

For Eastern States buyers freight is at actual verified cost to your destination as we are not in the freight business

For Eastern States buyers also we will deduct the value of compost worms as we are mindful that the worms don’t necessarily like a bumpy journey of 4 or 5 days across the country

What do the worms need to keep them happy?

There are only a few key ingredients to keeping your worms happy –– ventilation/air, moisture/water, food scraps and a comfortable environment to live in. As with any successful composting process and most things in life for that matter, maintaining a happy balance among the ingredients is essential

Moisture and food scraps are your department but we are ever ready to assist with tips and advice for successful composting


TIPS & TRICKS for successful worm farming

  • Recommend a blender or thermomix for shredding food scraps not big lumps                
  • Worms are attracted to the bacteria on the food scraps
  • Bedding when held should form a nice moist lump
  • The more worms you have the better the chance of reproducing
  • Plant seedlings in pure vermicast (worm castings) or mixed with potting mix
  • Suggest read David Murphy ~ Organic Gardening with Worms (in your Library)
  • Experiment with different foods (over time) even for example cooked onion
  • Grass clippings; Brown are OK but not too much; not Green ~ gets too hot
  • Worms will eat garden refuse, clothing, rags, hessian bags, manures
  • Will eat any sort of pet poo (dog, cat etcetera) but must have separate bin
  • Must be kept in total shade not merely under a convenient shady tree
  • Going on holidays put a lot of moistened shredded newspaper in the bin and you can be away 2-3 weeks but have a friendly neighbor to check if possible
  • Ensure good covering of moistened newspaper on top insulates during hot and cold periods; when moist it looks wet; when dry the paper is white!
  • Use Volcanic Rock Dust good for their gizzard; see weatherworks.com.au
  • Use Dolomite in worm farm when castings are used on sandy soil (not clay soil)
  • Always leave the bottom tap open; OK for dogs, cats, chooks to drink (not kids)
  • Compost worms in the garden may or may not survive
  • Worm castings have to be incorporated into the soil mix; if the castings get too dry they will go rock hard
  • In Summer lift the lid during the day to get as much air in as possible (without worms escaping!) and keep up water but don’t flood the bin
  • Don’t use castings on native plants or shrubs (too strong)
  • Recommended minimum worms 0.5kg = 2000 worms for a great start
  • Biggest problem is overfeeding —-DON’T

Worm Farm 140 Litre Colours

Dark Green, Nature Green, Blue, Yellow, Red and Mix ‘N Match


What else do you get?

  1. Detailed Instructions
  2. Worm Thermometer to monitor  ‘worm’ weather inside
  3. Dolomite to assist with pH balance
  4. Volcanic Rock Dust to assist digestion
  5. Trowel to remove worm castings
  6. Collection Tray for worm juice

Worm Farm 140 Litre Delivery

Perth Destinations

You collect at Weatherworks 48 Johnson Place Wattle Grove~ Please ring first 9359 2582 to ensure we and the worms are available

Alternatively collect at Perth Farmers’ Markets 

WA Country/Interstate ~ Delivery POA/Quotation

What about the Worms?

Composting worms are  supplied by Worm Farms Australia in conjunction with our mobile Worm Farms (excepting for interstate customers)

Please call us on 0417 096 202 or email info@wormfarmsaustralia.com.au for a quick response