Our task cool as with Rock Dust !

To improve Western Australian and Australian soils generally though volcanic rock dust remineralisation and revitalisation to add strength, flavour, colour as well as healthy goodness to your favourite vegies ~ better for your soil~ better for you ~ better for your family (this is not advertising chatter!)

Bread from Stones!

The Inspiration; just love this book–it’s about the oldest one iv’e read or at least ‘skim’ read!

Comes from a publication ‘Bread from Stones’ by Dr Julius Hensel Agricultural Chemist (1894) ” Powdered rock fertilisation improves soil structure, pH, plant nutrition, water retention and microbial activity”  Yes 1894— this is a great read although Dr Hensel tends to repeat himself a bit but he was spot on then and equally spot on now!

Further Inspiration

Read what Sabrina (Garden Guru) says in the Weekend West  (newspaper)  (also ABC) ” Rock Dust is very good to address mineral deficiencies ” or her off repeated advice “thrown in a handful of rock dust” and let’s face it the soil (read sand) certainly in many coastal areas of Western Australia and other parts of the continent appears from all accounts (and personal experience) to suffer from mineral deficiencies


More from Sabrina

Dwarf lemon tree ( Lemonicious)   “—- you can add rock dust to the surface—”  West Aus Habitat Dec 14

Sunnypash passionfruit vine  “–Use rock dust—” West Aus Habitat Dec 14

Add also to your worm farm (good for digestion) as well as a compost activator for your compost heap (pile in the USA) providing a slow release of trace minerals and beneficial elements


How good is Basalt Volcanic Rock Dust?

Take the expert’s advice ——–“Buy basalt volcanic rock by the truck load (mind you we don’t sell truckloads although we have been asked for a semi load~ please see below). This natural fertiliser is accepted academically, commercially, ecologically and economically to grow the world’s food supply”

The expert here is unknown but it is pretty sound advice nevertheless

Please note we don’t sell Volcanic Rock Dust by the truckload only in buckets at this stage; see below 

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The Solution!

The addition of Basalt Volcanic Rock Dust is a critical requirement to Western Australia’s mineral deficient soils as it rebalances soils with a bevy of trace elements and minerals (more below)

Premium Western Australian Volcanic Rock Dust is derived from freshly crushed and ground basaltic rocks sourced near Bunbury in Western Australia (an no we don’t get out there with a sledge-hammer!)

The Sustainability Store is proud to be able to promote another beneficial Western Australian sourced garden product with benefits for all; please give your soil a helping hand to restore its natural fertility

The beauty of Volcanic Rock Dust is that it provides a slow natural release of trace minerals and elements assisting plants in the absorption of nutrients

Volcanic rock dust is completely safe to use as well as being environmentally friendly and non toxic

Perhaps the best thing of all is that is that it is a chemically free soil remineralisation additive 

Having a wide range of contained minerals  it is a must for WA’s depleted sandy soils providing long-lasting benefits for soil health as well as reducing nutrient leaching and increasing productivity and water efficiency in domestic gardens and commercial agriculture alike

Technically our Volcanic Rock Dust has everything you need and is the only original 150 million years of age volcanic rock dust available

This is not ‘bull dust’ or some made-up creation with a fancy label; ask the WA Museum who have accurately dated this deposit

Beware of imitations; this is not just any old crushed gravel from your local quarry or the side of the road and those familiar with the ‘smell’ of volcanoes (including this author) can actually smell  and indeed visualise the formation of this product many millenniums ago


Volcanic Rock Dust Benefits

  • Improves soil fertility and water retention

  • Improves crop yields

  • Improves soil  health and structure

  • Improves mineral and nutrient content

  • Improves microbial activity

  • Improves soil pH balance

  • Improves water holding efficiency

  • Improves nutrient holding ability

  • Improves plant foliage

  • Improves root growth

  • Improves crop yields

  • Improves resistance to disease, fungus and insect pests

  • Improves vegie and herb gardens

  • Improves the taste of vegies and fruit

  • Improves compost and garden mulch

  • Improves worm farm health

  • Improves your garden budget (see below)

In sum, healthy soil = healthy crops and better for your garden and better for you

What’s in it? Chemical Analysis

Slow release trace minerals as well as:

  • Nitrogen N mg/Kg <50
  • Phosphorus p mg/Kg <5
  • Potassium K mg/Kg 160
  • Calcium Ca mg/Kg 310
  • Magnesium Mg mg/Kg 180
  • Copper Cu mg/Kmg 0.7
  • Zinc mg/Kg 0.4
  • Manganese Mn mg/Kg 1.7
  • Iron Fe mg/Kg 49
  • Cobalt Co mg/Kg < 0.5
  • Boron B mg/Kg < 0.5
  • Sulphur S mg/Kg 39
  • Molybdenum Mo  mg/Kg 1.3
  • Selenium Se mg/Kg <10             (Analysis: SGS/Analabs)

Why premium Volcanic Rock Dust?

Because it’s WA’s only worked 100% naturally occurring deposit of  basalt and is signified by its fine texture with no lumps and no added man-made chemicals as well as having seriously good benefits for WA’s ‘dune’ like sandy soils along with Bentonite which we also happily supply

As organic gardeners ourselves we are keen users of Bunbury Bassalt Premium Rock Dust on our organic farm and also our worm farms due to its environmentally friendly characteristics given that it’s safe for people, pets, wildlife and fish 


Safety Aspects

Volcanic Rock Dust is non-caustic  and will not burn seedlings and emerging plants; can be handled with bare hands but best to wear gloves and in windy conditions we suggest that you wear eye and mouth protection

The beauty of  Volcanic Rock Dust is that it can also be used as a compost activator and should be sprinkled onto each layer of green waste to encourage microbial activity, whilst also locking in the nitrogen and generally speeding up the whole composting process; the end result is a more fertile organic compost


Application Rate

Basalt Premium Volcanic Rock Dust comes in a various sized Tubs and at an application rate of  1 cup per Sq/mtr

Frequency of application is approximately 6 monthly and it should be watered in well



How much? Please check against other suppliers if you so desire; we are a highest quality lowest cost supplier in the country!

Comes in

8kg Bucket @ $25

10kg Bucket @ $30

20kg Bucket @ $50

25kg Bucket @ $60

30kg Bucket @ $70


Should you wish to order or make further inquiries please contact us on

0417 096 202


  • Our own use as organic gardeners has confirmed that volcanic rock dust is great in our worm farms and gardens

  • Our customers like the product and can see real results

  • Our pricing is very keen (read not expensive)

  • Our instructions are easily understood

  • Our service is friendly and responsive


Bunbury Basalt Rock Dust is available 7 days per week at 48 Johnson Place Wattle Grove, Perth 6107      Please call first or text on 0417 096 202