Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay otherwise known simply as Clay is a must for soil remediation in  Western Australia where the soils have been described as the most gutless, useless, poorest soils anywhere on earth with the least nutritional content; a somewhat alarming but well researched statement indeed but one which many gardeners would agree with

Add to this list the fact that most of the coastal sands from Broome to Esperance and beyond are water repellent given that water will not penetrate and provide moisture and be retained at the root zone which is shown on the Diagram courtesy of the WA Department of Agriculture

With patience, persistence and a modicum of effort admixed with Calcium Bentonite Clay from Wormfarms Australia this problem can be overcome; we have done it on our property and so can you


Calcium Bentonite Clay

Calcium Bentonite Clay sourced from Watheroo near Jurien Bay WA is  the classic water holding soil amendment and a must for WA’s depleted sandy soils with rapid, long-lasting benefits for soil health, productivity and water efficiency in domestic and commercial gardens alike

Be careful not to confuse Calcium Bentonite with Sodium Bentonite which contains salt and is associated with drilling mud for downhole drilling and is used in products such as kitty litter

Also please be careful in confusing Watheroo Bentonite Clay with some of the other more expensive sand remedies soil conditioners and wetting agents available on the market ~ from our own and others’ experience quite frankly you are literally wasting your effort and money

Should you wish to additionally put minerals back into your soil (this is really a must) then opt every time for our Volcanic Rock Dust 

We believe in offering a solution to sandy  soil that is tried and tested by us and our many loyal supporters whilst being extremely cost effective

For existing or new householders keen to start a garden or lawn do not even think about forking out for large amounts of expensive compost before you apply Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a one-off application being dug into  the soil (read sand) or added as a slurry and adding the mix around plants; it literally turns sand into soil and if you wish to turn the soil into loam please contact us for a solution here also


In estimating the quantity required use the equation 1 Bag per  3m x 3m soil (sand) area or the size of a regular Gazebo

The prices set out here are prices for collection at our base in Wattle Grove, Perth (delivery is extra and by negotiation)

1-5 x 22kg Bags $22.00 per bag

6 or more Bags $20.00 per bag

1 tonne Bulka Bags POA but you must have a Fork Lift at your end (we don’t supply Fork Lifts)!!


Our Experience

As organic growers (read my wife!) we have tried most other brands of soil remediation products available locally and can readily testify from personal experience that pure Bentonite Clay is by far the most beneficial (and economical) product for turning sand into soil and really the only viable product to use that provides a permanent solution to sandy soils

Furthermore it doesn’t matter how good your premium imported soil or potting mix is you will still need Calcium Bentonite Clay over time as most supposed soil additives and mixes appear to develop a tendency to become water repellent in due course

Other Users of Calcium Bentonite Clay 

Calcium Bentonite interestingly enough has a bevy of other uses for reparing holes in dams, health and beauty, removal of toxins and is utilised for clay masks, clay baths and the list goes on; hence the terminology often associated with Calcium Bentonite is Healing Clay or Natural Clay (we are often asked but cannot readily comment either on the health or beauty features pertaining to Calcium Bentonite; your search engine will provide most of the answers here

How much do I need?

Bag Size Watheroo Bentonite Clay = 20kg which will be sufficient for 7-9 sqm at the rate of 2.5 to 3kg per sqm; visualise a collection of 3x3m Gazebos in your yard or on your lawn to be and calculate a the rate of 1 x 20kg bag to each Gazebo 

Delivery is on a  “U” COLLECT from our base at 48 Johnson Place Wattle Grove (Please ring 0417 096 202 to arrange a suitable time for collection)


Calcium Bentonite Clay Benefits:

  • Improves garden soil

  • Improves soil wetability

  • Improves water retention and holding ability

  • Improves water efficiency

  • Improves cation exchange capacity

  • Improves soil structure

  • Improves microbial retention

  • Improves vegie and herb gardens

  • Improves ornamental gardens

  • Improves native gardens

Calcium Bentonite is the Healing Clay for Western Australia’s Sandy Soils

Calcium Bentonite is derived from the Smectite group of clays and is quite rare in this country with Western Australian being blessed with a substantial deposit

As indicated our use and 99% of our sales of Calcium Bentonite Clay is for the purpose of ‘ healing’ our nutrient deficient and water repellent sands given its capacity to absorb water and expand. Watheroo Calcium Bentonite Clay does this job magnificently and has been prominently displayed and received much acclaim at the yearly Perry Lakes Garden Week in Perth WA 

Why Watheroo Bentonite Clay?

Because it’s WA’s only deposit of genuine Calcium Bentonite Clay and is signified by its fine texture with no LUMPS and no added chemicals as well as having seriously good benefits for WA’s ‘dune’ like sandy soils

As mentioned we are keen users of the product  and believe it’s the purest and most beneficial clay to add to your garden beds and other applications around the home garden or larger property  to overcome our water-repellent sand 

When added to new garden beds or lawns at the rate of approximately 2.5-3kg/sqm (this can of course vary) along with organic compost, blood and bone and a sprinkle of Gelorup Volcanic Rock Dust which we exclusively handle

The net result is an inexpensive way to permanently improve your sandy soil

Bentonite Clay when mixed and soaked well into the soil only needs to be added once in other words it’s a ‘whole-of-life’ improvement thereby reducing the need for added fertiliser and costly scheme water

Delivery/pickup of your Bentonite Clay 

Please collect from our Wattle Grove WA base at 48 Johnson Place but please ring first 0417 096 202 to ensure we will be there at the appointed time and to double check our address

How do I get more information?

Simply give us a call or leave a message on 0417 096 202 and we will expound the virtues of  Bentonite Clay be it for gardens or even as an additive to dams to stop water leaks